Whether or not you've had massage in the past, Shiatsu massage is a uniquely therapeutic experience. Clients wear loose and comfortable clothing during the appointment. By allowing time to talk before the treatment begins, the practitioner gains a clearer picture of your overall health and designs a treatment to address your individual concerns. Then, utilizing the principles and channels of Traditional Chinese Medicine, thumb and finger pressure is applied to the acupressure points most helpful for your tension and discomfort. Gentle stretching of arms, legs, neck, feet and hands is incorporated to ease tension and improve range of motion. Slow rocking, abdominal massage and Tuina techniques may also be included.

What does shiatsu feel like?
Clients will notice a deep sense of relaxation and a feeling of "letting go" as tension lessens. Pressure is always applied to a client's preference, as shiatsu should never be painful. 

For those who have experienced abuse: your comfort during your session is important. Please share your concerns regarding sensitive areas or potentially triggering touch. Bodywork with a trusted and caring practitioner can offer a safe bodily experience, particularly for survivors who may have disassociated and want to return to body awareness.

Conditions helped by shiatsu:

  • Low back ache/pain

  • Muscle tension

  • Stress and anxiety

  • Depression

  • Headaches, including migraines

  • Discomfort during pregnancy & postpartum

  • Menstrual pain

  • Digestive issues

  • Hypertension

  • Arthritis

  • Athletic injuries

Photo by Dan Marshall

Photo by Dan Marshall


Carolyn Atkinson,
Shiatsu Therapist

Carolyn has been a practicing shiatsu therapist since 2007. Carolyn believes strongly in the efficacy of Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments like shiatsu and acupuncture. She values client feedback and encourages each client’s involvement in their wellness through healthy lifestyle choices and preventative care.

Carolyn graduated from Centerpoint’s Shiatsu Therapy program and joined Ivy West at Alight Shiatsu. In 2017, she moved her practice to the Longfellow Offices, where she works with fellow bodyworker Susie Carlson. When away from work, Carolyn and her husband parent their toddler and dream of a future where there's space for anything else.